Pixie Hollow Closed

17 Oct

Dear Fairy Friends,

Pixie Hollow has closed for good, we should appreciate the times we added and accepted requests of other fairies. I hope pixie hollow can open again. We should move on, and start playing other websites, so as a start, press this link and visit this website:

games for girls

-Thank you,  CrystalSweet Blossom


New House Item Code!

10 May

Hey Yall Fairies,

 Just today I found a new house Item code. I hope it helps, and if i does please comment:

    The code is… book

If you find any other codes, please post them in the comments! See you around!

            -Crystal Sweetblossom

Tink’s Comedy Shows

26 Mar

Hey fairies,

 I found out a few days ago that pixie hollow has Tinkkerbell’s Comedy Shows every Hour! So I just wanted to remind you that on the 30th of March is the last day of the month Tinkerbell and Silvermist are going to enter pixie hollow. I’ll be there and Hope to see you. Fly with you Later!

 -Crystal Sweet Blossom



6 Jan

Welcome Fairies,

 I made a competition as you know. It was to take a snapshot of you and all your friends where ever you want on pixie hollow and the winner is CUPCAKE! Well done Cupcake. You can check your account you have received your FREE dress from the pixie post office and I hope you like it! Take a look at HER snapshot:



6 Jan

Hey Yall fairies,

Pixie Hollow is offering WEEKLY memberships starting from only 1.99$ only, with 30 diamonds every week! Also monthly with 50 diamonds every month, 6 months with 120 every month and, 12 year membership with 240 DIAMONDS EVERY MONTH! Here and take a look:







Well, I got a month membership, before i had 29 diamonds but the next month I had 79 diamonds! AMAZING! Comment when you got your membership.

– Crystal SweetBlossom


26 Dec

Hey Fairies,

I Have a COMPETITION. You have to take a photo of your fairy with all your friends in your house, then you have to send it to my e-mail ( with your fairy’s name ) ” cuteness.32@live.com “.


If you have done this Your prize will be a

FREE dress from the pixie post office. I

will announce the winners on the 5th of

January. Note: You must have added me

as a friend. Hope you join.

– Crystal Sweet Blossom

Pixie Fairy Feast

23 Nov

 Hey Fairies.

  I’m Back,  I found out that pixie hollow holds its Fairy Feast the same time like he mainland Thanksgiving! The fairy feast is all about food, friendship – and of course – big parties. There is a Fairy Feast Party Challenge, and the top ten winners each will receive 5 Autumn Harvest Seed Packets! Plus, the chefs in on public parties named “Delicious Fairy Feast” on Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25.

              – Happy Fairy Feast